Christmas 2016 campaigns: the teasers and the early birds

Great Christmas campaigns are expected, every year, from the main British retailers. From “the benchmark” that John Lewis represents to House of Frasier‘s “alternative” approach, this first week of November will let us see what Christmas 2016 brings.

The teasers and the first ads has just been lunched this weekend. But before reviewing them, here are some things I’ve read and liked:

The teasers: #KevinTheCarrot vs #BounceBounce

Kevin The Carrot arrived on Twitter over the weekend with a wink to “Man On The Moon”, so many users believed it was a John Lewis’ campaign teaser – until someone realized the font was more Aldi than John Lewis. The fact that Aldi did a spoof of Man On the Moon in 2015 could also give us a hint. The bets are open!

EDIT. The bets are closed: it is now confirmed that #KevinTheCarrot is the cute protagonist of Morrison’s Christmas 2016 campaign.

The Twitter account for Bounce is also rumored to be part of John Lewis’ campaign. The account was created in September and, so far, has posted just one tweet featuring the hashtag #BounceBounce. We’ll have to wait a few more days to find out!

EDIT. It’s been confirmed that #BusterTheBoxer is the protagonist of John Lewis’ 2016 Christmas campaign, created by Adam&EveDDB. To facilitate consumer engagement with the campaign, the retailer has also set up Snapchat lenses and Twitter stickers that allow users to include Buster and his bouncing friends into their social media content.

The early birds: House of Fraser and Morrison

After “Your Christmas, Your Rules”, in 2016 “Christmas is Coming to Get You”. I personally really like House of Fraser’s approach to the Christmas spirit. Their ads are certainly product-centered, but their contemporary aesthetics, stylish production and the energy they exude are helping the retailer build a very recognizable presence.

With Morrison Makes It, the retailer aims to highlight the role food plays in the festive season and how it helps facilitate the special moments around Christmas. The piece is consistent with last year’s campaign, for which they dumped their traditional celebrity tie-up in favor of a back-to-basics approach featuring its own staff.

While we wait…

While we wait for more 2016 campaigns, here are the best ads of Christmas 2015.