Giving thanks (five #verygoodthings of 2016)

I used to write #verygoodthings lists every Saturday morning as an exercise to reflect on the things that made me happy, things I was thankful for.

This year, as I approach the end of my second month on sabbatical, I’m thankful for my freedom and my free time. But I’m also thankful for many #verygoodthings that I experienced while still working at Buzz . Here are five of them.

  1. Choosing a new office
    Choosing a new house is a difficult task. Choosing a new office for an agency team of 30 to 50 professionals with different approaches to work and to life is incredibly challenging: juggling budgets, locations, spaces and branding requirements was hard, but the result was very rewarding. I’m thankful to have helped giving Buzz the space they deserved.
  2. Helping an NGO save actual lives
    It’s an objective you don’t see in a brief too often: we want to save more lives. It was a first for me, and the responsibility that it brings with it is unimaginable. The team behind Proactiva Open Arms are heroes and I’m grateful to have helped them with their mission of making the sea a safer place for refugees.
  3. Launching a brand on social media from scratch
    I had done it before: working in social media in Spain around 2010 meant establishing the social media presence of consolidated multinational brands (first Levi’s, later Pepe Jeans London or P&G’s Fairy, Ariel, Duracell or Braun Minipimer). But Roundten, in Spring 2016, was different. It was a brand that had just been created. With a very clear plan but also very open to experiment. With very good professionals around. I’m thankful to have been part of its launch.
  4. Pitching like crazy
    2016 was definitely the year of pitches at Buzz. Our growth as an agency was spectacular. With the consolidation of the new creative team my role shifted from being an active creative head to supervising the work made from an strategic point of view. But whatever your role in it is, a pitch is always a great challenge. I worked hard, and I had a lot of fun. Some pitches we won (like this chocolate brand kids and adults all over the world love so much), some we didn’t (like the American fashion brand I wanted to win so badly). I’m grateful to have had the chance to play so much.
  5. Learning from awesome professionals
    One of my main clients during my last years at Buzz was Henkel, specifically the consumer adhesives division. There are two things I like a lot about working with the brand’s headquarters: the HQ is where the branding magic happens (where brands are originally defined) and the professionals are impecable (best of the best). Working with them made me and my team work a lot, learn a lot, grow a lot. But also, and this is something I’d like to see from the other side of the fence one day: a good agency helps the professionals on the client side grow, too. I’m thankful for having had the chance to learn from awesome clients, and to help clients learn.