Who owns influencer relations?

Global Social Media Strategy and Content Production for e-Commerce

I guess using the term “influencer relations” instead of “influencer marketing” gives away which side of the industry I find myself at right now. Colangelo & Partners is a very innovative integrated communications agency, but their origin is in Public Relations and I’m part of their Influencer Relations team. Colangelo’s founding team believe that influencer… Continue reading Who owns influencer relations?

Buy beanies, fight cancer with Love Your Melon

I try to be a responsible consumer. I try to buy less and buy responsibly. So when I received this gift from my sister, I was happy to see that she chose a brand with a cause. Love Your Melon produces and distributes USA-made, high quality beanies and accessories. The company initially began with a “buy… Continue reading Buy beanies, fight cancer with Love Your Melon

Glossier wants you to be your own body hero

I love Glossier as a brand. They’re purely digital, their narrative and their products are beautifully constructed and they are cool as hell. I liked Glossier a lot even before trying their products, that used to be for sale in the US only (they are sold in Canada and the UK now, with more European… Continue reading Glossier wants you to be your own body hero

#whorunNYad: Rachel Wolff

One of the reasons why I volunteered at Innovation Congress was to meet people like Rachel: talented folks in the digital ad business. She was part of the production team and we shared check-ins, breaks and lunch. She reminded me of many young women I’ve worked with and a little bit of myself when I was her… Continue reading #whorunNYad: Rachel Wolff

Who made my Zubi: responsible bags made in Spain

Zubi bags are 100% Instagram material – maybe even more literally than one can imagine at first glance. The beautiful, hip bags are crafted from quality textiles printed with their creators’ photography. The brand Zubi was created in 2012 by two Spanish sisters. They use their travels as inspiration, and their travel photographs as prints… Continue reading Who made my Zubi: responsible bags made in Spain

Takeouts from Innovation Congress #Innocon NYC 2017

When I planned to attend Innovation Congress, I imagined a day of inspiration. I expected #Innocon to be a conference of ideas, but it was much more: it was a great opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, to learn about the current state of our industry and to just share my passion for everything digital.… Continue reading Takeouts from Innovation Congress #Innocon NYC 2017

#whorunNYad: Orlando Asson

I try to surround myself with interesting people and love connecting them. That’s why I always ask my interviewees to introduce me to someone else to interview. Shannon is an artist, so it was only natural that she recommended someone with a strong visual sensitivity, and skills to match. Let me introduce you to Orlando Asson.… Continue reading #whorunNYad: Orlando Asson

What’s next in digital, tech and society: #Innocon NYC 2017

Since I moved to NY, I’ve tried to attend every interesting industry event I’ve found. A couple of editions of Design Driven NYC, product management talks, Content Strategy NYC at Huge, Chatbots strategies with Dashbot, women in tech with Microsoft and UN Women, urban mobility with Uber…. On my way to join @TechNYC, @NJTechCouncil and @Uber… Continue reading What’s next in digital, tech and society: #Innocon NYC 2017

#whorunNYad: Shannon Ross

After interviewing Antonio, we walked around the R/GA office. I had asked him who I should interview next, so he took me to Shannon’s desk and we interrupted her lunch break. I was immediately impressed by her good vibes and positive attitude. “That’s how you make a difference in the world: with a big smile and lots of good energy”… Continue reading #whorunNYad: Shannon Ross