Thank you, Buzz

I joined Buzz 6 years ago, on April 2010. I’ve told this story a million times: the agency was called Bloguzz at that time, and we were only 10 people. I arrived with my head full of international marketing knowledge, my hands full of digital experience, my heart full of eagerness to be involved. And I was greeted with Dani‘s vision, Eduard‘s talent, Toni‘s brilliance, Elisa‘s passion, Iban‘s creativity. But most importantly: I was greeted with opportunity.

I was assigned a couple of brands to manage. I started creating procedures, sharing ideas, guiding my colleagues. In a few months I was managing a team. Some years later, I was supervising all operations.

I’ve learned a lot, worked a lot, grown a lot. I’ve had the chance to collaborate with experienced professionals in brands big and small, with global and local budgets, some with complicated internal processes and some with no processes at all, many with well established communication missions and a few with blank notebooks for brand guidelines. I’ve enjoyed working with all of them, helping them meet their objectives, giving my best to make them better.

But my favorite project has always been Buzz: the business, the brand, the team. Seeing the agency evolve has been a privilege, and I’m thankful and proud to have contributed to build what Buzz is today.

I feel lucky to have realized that my mission has been accomplished. To have understood that my life is calling. I’m privileged to choose this goodbye surrounded by support and understanding. From today, I’m officially on sabbatical. With my head full of memories, my hands full of experiences, my heart full of pride.

One more time: thank you, Buzz.