Everything starts with a move

This week, Buzz is moving offices for the third time. 2016 is my 6th year at the agency and this is my first move, but it’s not Buzz’s first since the company was launched as a start-up in 2009. From 3 to 6 people, from 6 to 10, from 10 to 35 – with room for many more.

This is our biggest and most complicated move, not only from a logistics point of view, but also in terms of positioning. Internally, we are well aware of what Buzz has become, but we’ve been so busy getting bigger and better that we might have forgotten to tell the world.

It’s not a secret, though. With more services, more experience, better professionals, Buzz’s clients have helped our evolution tremendously. They’ve recommended us to their colleagues and fellow marketers to the point that we started to think we could stop looking for a new member for the New Business team (btw, we’re still hiring!).

It’s time to tell the world. Everything starts with a move.