Buy beanies, fight cancer with Love Your Melon

I try to be a responsible consumer. I try to buy less and buy responsibly. So when I received this gift from my sister, I was happy to see that she chose a brand with a cause.

Love Your Melon produces and distributes USA-made, high quality beanies and accessories. The company initially began with a “buy one, give one” model and, in addition to that, today 50% of their profit is donated to non-profits fighting against pediatric cancer.

Since its creation in 2012 by a two college students as part of class project, the company has given more than $3.8 million to the fight against childhood cancer and donated over 120,000 hats to children suffering from the disease. All while producing a high-quality, responsibly made product and telling a great story through social media.

Much have been discussed about the role of marketing and brands in making the world a better place. My opinion remains the same: nobody is free from obligation when it comes to making a difference in the world. As marketing and communication professionals, we are responsible for creating conscious brands – it’s not about brands as soulless entities, it’s about the human beings that build them, the human beings that chose them, and the world impacted by their production and communication.

Thanks Love Your Melon for doing your part.