Responsible fashion vs responsible fashion campaigns

Can marketing change the world? Communication is a reflection of society, but it can certainly choose what to reflect and what not. Fashion plays a big role in the life the consumers, and a massive amount of the global marketing investment is generated by the fashion industry, so fashion plays a key role in improving the world, both through responsible initiatives and responsible communication.

There’s a difference between being a responsible fashion brand and being a fashion brand that launches a responsible campaign, but let’s be honest: anything brands can do to make the world a better place is welcome. Here are 3 initiatives that make their contribution using the power of social media.

  • Amazon Fashion: protecting self-esteem in social media with #SaySomethingNice
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    Amazon Fashion teamed with a group of European fashion influencers (including Susie Bubble, Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco, Freddie Harrel and Gala Gonzalez) in a shot-at-home confessional video where they all admit to having judged someone else for their style choices and pledge to, next time, say something nice instead. This campaign brings Amazon closer to the fashion and trends universe while encouraging positivity and speaking out about body shaming and cyber bullying.
  • Fashion Revolution: improving transparency with #WhoMadeMyClothes?
    fashion-revolution-FRD_web_header_151-700x328UK-based organization Fashion Revolution invites consumers to ask their favorite brands a simple but meaningful question, made into a campaign: Who made my clothes? Their focus is to request transparency in an industry where, many times, not even brands can track who is producing their own product. Their social media strategy for Fashion Revolution Week 2016 was globally designed and coordinated on a country level around the world, leveraging carefully designed visuals and consistent messages to create a coordinated and powerful campaign.
  • H&M: advocating for the environment with #WorldRecycleWeek featuring M.I.A.

    Sustainability includes many things, protecting the environment being only one of them. H&M made their contribution to sustainability by partnering with M.I.A. to collect unwanted garments around the world to be recycled, with a promise: “Recycling has never looked this cool“. The “Rewear It” video brings its fair share of coolness (and virality) to the world of branded music, but that didn’t stop both the brand and the artist to receive criticism for their collaboration.

Let’s not forget our responsibility!

Marketing can change the world because marketing is created by people with the power, the brains and the platform to make a difference.

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