So what are you doing in NYC?

I’ve lived in NYC for 5 months already, and I’ve loved every single day here. I’m still on sabbatical, which to me means I don’t have any obligations: every day I wake up and do exactly and only what I want.

But what do I want? When I worked my 9 to 5 job – and when I say 9 to 5, I really mean 9 to 9 – I always wished I had more time to read, to be creative (cook, draw, sew, write), to visit art exhibits on their opening day (even if it’s always a Thursday), to go to industry events and read industry publications to learn new things, to meet with friends, to be with my husband, to just walk around watching urban art change and urban fashion evolve.

I’m definitely doing all that now, and I’m doing it in a city that feels just meant for it. But there are other things I didn’t know I missed, and I’ve discovered them all while enjoying my freedom here in NYC. Here are some of them.

  • Getting healthier and stronger
    I always though work-related stress was the cause of everything that didn’t work correctly in my body. The too common back pains, stomach ache, dull skin that many professionals working in offices have learnt to just accept. Still in Barcelona, I started connecting to nature, moving more seriously and changing my eating patterns. Everything improved, but it was not enough. I was already into natural movement, but my knowledge and my skills have grown drastically since I train in NYC.

    The number of talented, creative, commited individuals that are passionate about sharing their knowledge about natural movement is overwhelming. I’ve found tribes that help me be more free, more playful, more experimental… which results in being happier, healthier, stronger. And I’m learning how to build by own tribe and share these values with them too. Which takes me to the next point…
  • Serving my community

    It’s not that I didn’t feel part of a community when I lived in Barcelona. I loved my neighborhood and tried to spend my time (and my money) there. I understood the importance of supporting local businesses and did my best to shop, eat and drink local, keep the neighborhood clean and promote kindness among my neighbors.

    But in NYC, I feel like I owe more than that to the community that has welcomed me. I feel like I have to work a little bit harder to belong here. And like I said before, NYC makes it very easy for you to support causes you care about: from providing water to thirsty cyclists, to helping local artists promote their work, to building bikes for kids, to making a digital congress run smoothly, to showing girls what they can become. Thanks NYC for letting me belong here.
  • Watching sunsets
    I had always enjoyed watching the sun set when I was on holidays, trekking down a mountain or relaxing on the beach. But I had forgotten how beautiful the city sunsets are. It was not until I was walking in Midtown, watching one of those magical NYC pink sunsets a couple of months ago that it struck me: I didn’t remember the beauty of the sun setting behind the city skyline because I had spent 80% of the sunsets of the last 10 years inside an office. I could write a very cliche sentence here but there’s no need, because you’re probably having my exact same cliche thought. Please, if you can, leave the office on time and go outside to watch the sun set today.

So what are you doing after your sabbatical?

I don’t know what the future will bring after this adventure. I hope it’s a job I love and the chance to make the world a better place. Whatever I end up doing, I’ll work hard to be able to still spend some time practicing all these things that have made me so happy during these months of freedom.

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