Takeouts from Innovation Congress #Innocon NYC 2017

When I planned to attend Innovation Congress, I imagined a day of inspiration. I expected #Innocon to be a conference of ideas, but it was much more: it was a great opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, to learn about the current state of our industry and to just share my passion for everything digital.

Day 1: the workshops

I volunteered at the congress during day 1. I thought my experience organizing Social Media Week Barcelona would be useful for the #InnoCon team, so I offered my help. I love how easy and natural it is in New York to volunteer with causes and organizations that you feel a connection with!

So I didn’t join any workshop, but instead spent the day sharing tasks and ideas with the hardworking Firebrand and Social Fresh teams, and the rest of the volunteers. It was totally worth it.

Day 2: the talks

One of the things I love about social media conferences (as opposed to general marketing or design events) is how active everybody is on Twitter. Twitter is definitely still winning the live game, at least when it comes to non-video content.

This makes it very easy to understand what’s being presented and discussed, so as usual I’ll curate some of the most comprehensive tweets under the #innocon hashtag to share my experience with you.

The Case for More Bad Ideas, with Jason Keath (Social Fresh)

A Discussion on the Future of Media and Content, with Buzzfeed, David Rubin (The New York Times), John Avlon (The Daily Beast)

The Digital Ad Hunger Games, with Jarrod Dicker (Washington Post), Dr. Jon Roberts (DotDash), Melanie Deziel (MDeziel Media)

Shots, Bots and Emoji: How Patrón Pairs Tequila & Technology, with Adrian Parker (Patrón)

Audio First: The Internet’s Shift To Voice, with Peter Weingard (WNYC), Kaydee Bridges (Goldman Sachs), Joel Evans (Mobiquity), Nicole D’Alonzo (19 Minute Yoga), Rebecca Greenfield (Bloomberg Business)

How Coca-Cola Accelerates Innovation, with Pete Scott (Turner)

Take Me To Your Robot Leader, with Dennis R. Mortensen (X.AI), Ken Dodelin (Capital One), Katie McMahon (SoundHound), Charlie Oliver (Tech 2025)

Disrupting The Universe, A Guided Tour, with Gwen U. Nguyen (Indiegogo), Maggie Burns (Breather), Jen Rubio (Away), Lorine Pendleton (Portfolia Funds)

A Simple System for Predicting The Future, with Jeremy Goldman (Firebrand Group)

Defining the Future of Video, with Amy Emmerich (Refinery29), Kristen Scholer (Cheddar), Kay Hsu (Instagram), Nick Cicero (Delmondo)

Hyper Reality is Here: VR, AR and Beyond, with Tyler Riewer (Charity:Water), Courtney Harding (Friends with Holograms), Rori DuBoff (Accenture Interactive), Adina Shanholtz (Microsoft)

The Future of Work, with Michael Bowes (Estée Lauder), Leslie Bradshaw (Bionic), Sharon Feder (The Muse), Gina Graziano (Firebrand Group)

Turning The Brave New World Of Tech Into Hard-Headed Commercial Reality, with Cindy Gallop (IfWeRanTheWorld)

Final Expert Q&A with Cindy Gallop, Courtney Harding, Adrian Parker and Jason Keath.

And to finish, cocktails and bites and a cool photo booth courtesy of Patrón. It was a great couple of days!