Influencer marketing at scale: marketplaces, IRM platforms and Neeuton

Who owns influencers? I wrote this post about integration in influencer marketing 1 year ago. After working in Influencer Relations at a PR agency, and now collaborating with influencer platform Neeuton, I still agree with my 2018 self: integration between digital agencies, creative agencies, PR agencies, influencer agencies and internal departments is key. And platforms… Continue reading Influencer marketing at scale: marketplaces, IRM platforms and Neeuton

Who owns influencer relations?

Global Social Media Strategy and Content Production for e-Commerce

I guess using the term “influencer relations” instead of “influencer marketing” gives away which side of the industry I find myself at right now. Colangelo & Partners is a very innovative integrated communications agency, but their origin is in Public Relations and I’m part of their Influencer Relations team. Colangelo’s founding team believe that influencer… Continue reading Who owns influencer relations?

#whorunNYad: Antonio Guerrero

I met Antonio in Barcelona in 2010, on my first day at Buzz. But I had already heard about his digital projects and attended a couple of editions of the monthly networking event he co-organized, Cava & Twitts. After many meetings, pitches, business flights and taxi rides, we became friends. He moved to New York one year before… Continue reading #whorunNYad: Antonio Guerrero

Giving thanks (five #verygoodthings of 2016)

I used to write #verygoodthings lists every Saturday morning as an exercise to reflect on the things that made me happy, things I was thankful for. This year, as I approach the end of my second month on sabbatical, I’m thankful for my freedom and my free time. But I’m also thankful for many #verygoodthings that… Continue reading Giving thanks (five #verygoodthings of 2016)

Thoughts about The Ops Director position

The Ops Director, Operations Manager or COO, depending on the size or hierarchy levels of the agency, is responsible for ensuring that the business has the best working environment and processes. From HR to finance, from best practices to client services, The Ops Director has the power and the responsibility to make the business – and the teams that… Continue reading Thoughts about The Ops Director position

Why Cannes Lions award to fake refugee-saving app hurts

I followed this year’s Cannes Lions like every year, but somehow I missed the I SEA fake app controversy. I came across it 3 days ago through the Open Leter to Grey Singapore that Ali Bullock shared on LinkedIn. I got very angry and sad. Angry that Cannes Lions didn’t research and check the app properly, or… Continue reading Why Cannes Lions award to fake refugee-saving app hurts

If you want to work for me

These past 6 years at Buzz I’ve interviewed thousands of candidates and hired tens, with different levels of success. One thing I’ve learnt is that first impressions aren’t always right, but my guts never lie. It doesn’t matter if you’re an account executive, a creative or a technical profile. These are the things you must do… Continue reading If you want to work for me

Return flight filled with pride

If outward flights are for planning, return flights are for reflecting. Specially business trips, when you board with a mission, and plan to land back home with your mission accomplished. Yesterday I flew back from Germany like many Thursday nights before. Tired and satisfied, reading, talking, reflecting. But last night was special: that afternoon, I… Continue reading Return flight filled with pride