#whorunNYad: Rachel Wolff

One of the reasons why I volunteered at Innovation Congress was to meet people like Rachel: talented folks in the digital ad business. She was part of the production team and we shared check-ins, breaks and lunch. She reminded me of many young women I’ve worked with and a little bit of myself when I was her… Continue reading #whorunNYad: Rachel Wolff

#whorunNYad: Orlando Asson

I try to surround myself with interesting people and love connecting them. That’s why I always ask my interviewees to introduce me to someone else to interview. Shannon is an artist, so it was only natural that she recommended someone with a strong visual sensitivity, and skills to match. Let me introduce you to Orlando Asson.… Continue reading #whorunNYad: Orlando Asson

#whorunNYad: Shannon Ross

After interviewing Antonio, we walked around the R/GA office. I had asked him who I should interview next, so he took me to Shannon’s desk and we interrupted her lunch break. I was immediately impressed by her good vibes and positive attitude. “That’s how you make a difference in the world: with a big smile and lots of good energy”… Continue reading #whorunNYad: Shannon Ross

#whorunNYad: Antonio Guerrero

I met Antonio in Barcelona in 2010, on my first day at Buzz. But I had already heard about his digital projects and attended a couple of editions of the monthly networking event he co-organized, Cava & Twitts. After many meetings, pitches, business flights and taxi rides, we became friends. He moved to New York one year before… Continue reading #whorunNYad: Antonio Guerrero

#whorunNYad: June Wee-Grant

Jasmine Sheth was the first person to whom I officially pitched the #whorunNYad concept, and she really connected with it. So when I asked her who I should interview next, not only did she suggest someone with experience in the ad industry, but also someone who was motivating and inspiring others to follow their true passions. Let me introduce you… Continue reading #whorunNYad: June Wee-Grant

#whorunNYad: Tomoko Kuwahara

The first time I visited Pilar Torcal at Huge, she was showing me around the office when we stopped by a wall covered in calligraphy exercises. She showed me hers, and then proudly pointed to a very beautiful composition crafted, in black ink, by one of her colleagues, Tomoko Kuwahara. When I asked Pilar to introduce me to one… Continue reading #whorunNYad: Tomoko Kuwahara

#whorunNYad: Pilar Torcal

Many of the people I’m meeting in New York come from Barcelona, like me, but we never had the chance to meet there. Their dreams brought them here and their talent made them stay. They are contributing to New York’s creative industry with their amazing background, hard work and the inspiration that only a city… Continue reading #whorunNYad: Pilar Torcal

#whorunNYad: Jasmine Sheth

I love New York and I love advertising. With #whorunNYad I want to meet, and later introduce you to, the people that truly run the advertising and marketing industries of NYC: the women, the POC, the immigrants… The people that have historically shaped this city’s creative industry but have historically been under-represented in its media, its events… Continue reading #whorunNYad: Jasmine Sheth