Four years of freelancing

May 2023 marks my first 4 years of freelancing.

Freelancing through a move across the ocean – from NYC to London.

Freelancing through a pandemic. A pandemic pregnancy. A pandemic baby. Freelancing through the first two and a half years of motherhood.

Freelancing through shifts in budget allocations from in-person activations to digital. Freelancing through the unstoppable rise of influencer fees. Freelancing through the ups and downs of TikTok, Clubhouse, Lemon8.

Freelancing remotely, always. From an inspiring coworking space, in the beginning. From my own desk in the living room, later. From the kitchen, from cafes, sometimes. From the library, most of the time now.

Freelancing truly has given me freedom through these crazy 4 years. I was very fortunate to launch my freelance business with the support of two foundational clients I trusted and really liked. Both previous employers, both completely trusted me and gave me all the business I could handle, which was a lot at times, not so much at other times.

I still collaborate with both of my foundational clients, 4 years later. Additionally, referrals often bring new projects my way. Through them I’ve explored new industries, even gone back to B2B for a hot second, and rediscovered my love for consulting.

Today, as I reflect on these past 4 years, I’m thankful for the opportunities and the support I’ve received, and so very proud of myself for making the decision to become self employed. I’m unsure of what the future will bring to my career, but I know the flexibility and self-motivation of these past 4 years will undoubtedly define my future path.