Celebrate Earth Day, thrift more

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New York is celebrating Earth Day 2018 with beautiful spring weather, streets closed to traffic and open air activities.

I celebrated outside with the rest of the city, and then went thrifting. I love fashion, and I love brands, and I used to buy too much. I’ve shifted to conscious consumption over the last few years, and the capsule wardrobe concept has really helped me live more freely.

I had always loved vintage and second hand shopping, it’s way more fun and more creative than visiting high street store after high street store. And NYC is thifters’ paradise. And then there’s online.

Meeting ThredUp

I don’t remember how I learned about ThredUp, but they’ve become a great resource since I moved to NYC. They sell second hand clothes in great shape, and you can cope good quality clothes from high end brands at really affordable prices.  I still only buy when I really need a new item – a good winter coat, more layers for open air workouts – but they merge the ease of online shopping filters with the good karma of buying used.

They also do a great job at making thrifting accessible and rebranding it as trendy, easy and eco-friendly. Here’s some data from their 2018 Resale Report that provides deeper insight on the current second hand fashion market. See you at the thrift shop!

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