Banksy and Las Meninas, by Estrella Galicia

I like to consider Galicia, in north-west Spain, as my adoptive region. Not only because the character and history of its peoples is constantly present in my life thanks to my husband, or because I come back regularly to visit my extended family and friends. I’d say it’s mainly because this region is known for 3 things that I love: impressive natural landscapes, flavorful ingredients combined to create simple and wholesome gastronomy, and fruity white wine.

But there’s one other thing Galicia is know for, and many Spaniards will confirm without even having visited this region: their beer. Estrella Galicia is considered by many consumers as Spain’s best lager beer. Once exclusive and hard to find outside Galicia, now ubiquitous in the rest of the country after some years of impressive expansion, Estrella Galicia is still produced locally, in a family-run brewery in the city of A Coruña.

Their national advertising and media efforts have increased as well during these past years. Their most ambitious campaign so far has the objective of establishing beer as the drink of choice for the traditional cava or champagne toast on New Year’s Eve that follows the customary “campanadas” in Spain.

Las Meninas and Banksy

On another ambitious campaign, this time on an international level, Estrella Galicia is inviting mysterious street artist Banksy to participate in one of Galicia’s street art festivals, Las Meninas de Canido.

The artists featured in the festival recreate Las Meninas, the iconic painting by Spanish painter Velázquez, in various media and formats.

Una publicación compartida de 1906 (@cerveza1906) el

As part of their sponsorship to cultural projects, Estrella Galicia has pushed the initiative with global media, inserting the invitation for Banksy in publications like The Times, Le Parisien or La Repubblica, and outdoor media.

The project has also received an impressive press coverage by Spanish media, for both the brand and the arts festival. To boost the action in the digital space, the brand has also recruited several art-related influencers like illustrators or graphic designers, who have amplified the invitation to fellow artist through their channels.

Una publicación compartida de 1906 (@cerveza1906) el

Ambitious and culturally appropriate, just how I like integrated campaigns!

Reserved for Banksy