Animated photobooths make all parties more instagrammable

Is “animated photobooth” the best way of calling this device? We’ve all seen its resulting product: super creative, full of life party content in the form of short videos or animated images that are widely shared on Instagram. I’ve identified three types:

  • The one in which the subject moves and the camera stays in the same place, shooting consecutive frames to form an animation.
  • The one in which both the subject and the camera move, usually in the same direction, creating endless opportunities for dynamism.
  • The one in which the subject’s movements are captured by a number of cameras around them, that are combined to create a 3D effect (like this “machine” by Boooth).

I absolutely love how they help brands communicate their values when there’s a good idea behind the action. But, with or without brand-related idea, they create beautiful content that still brings novelty to the brand’s feed.

Let me share some of my favorites! I’ll be updating this post when I find new ones, so I can have all my references saved in just one place.

Margot Robbie (@margotrobbie) and Tom Ackerley (@alpha_meows) at the TIME 100 gala. #time100 Video by for TIME.

Una publicación compartida de TIME (@time) el

??? #lacosteJPgoude

Una publicación compartida de Pau Pia (@paupiap) el

? Preview of our soon-to-come Boomerang effect at the @popsugar + @adidas #ultraboostx launch. Dope movement by @juliebowdowncrew @janetbowdowncrew

Una publicación compartida de Boooth (3 Os, for 3D) ( el