Why is it more fun in the Philippines?

The It’s more fun in the Philippines campaign was first launched in 2012, created by BBDO Guerrero | Proximity Philippines. The claim quickly trended online, while there was a bit of criticism since apparently the agency lost the opportunity to collaborate with digital influencers for a more successful launch.


The viral effect of the campaign was mostly organic: hashtag was used, memes were made. It worked.


And it kept working, year after year. The agency’s CEO shared the thinking behind the campaign and its first results in 2013:

This campaign was not about country branding. It was about finding a voice and connecting with the whole population as well as with the vast diaspora of Filipinos overseas. – Tony Harris, CEO BBDO Guerrero

Iterations were made the following years, like the 2014 video campaign highlighting different destinations:

Why is it more fun in the Philippines?

At the end of 2016, it was commented that the claim would change in 2017. And this week, the new campaign was launched, but the claim wasn’t finally ditched.

The new claim, When you’re with Filipinos, you’re with family, was developed by McCann Erickson under the #itsmorefuninthephilippines umbrella. The idea behind the strategy, according to the Tourist Department, is to answer the question “Why is it more fun in the Philippines?” by focusing on the traits of the Filipino.

The new campaign [is] in terms of destination and what activities [tourists] can do. We would like to reinforce the Philippines brand…and definitely inject more unique Philippine experience with the local cuisine and culture to make it more authentic. – Kat De Castro, Undersecretary Department of Tourism

It’s more sabbatical in the Philippines

Tomorrow, I’ll be discovering why it’s more fun in the Philippines as I head into the next phase of my sabbatical, the Winter paradise getaway. After spending phase 1 visiting friends and family around Europe, I’ll be spending the next couple of months exploring Asia. While during the first months I was pretty much connected to what was going on in the industry, phase 2 will be about finding disconnection. Instead of updating Twitter and the blog, I’ll turn to Facebook and Instagram to share my travel experiences with friends and family. Find me on Instagram if you like palm trees!