This Girl Can, a case study

If there’s a demographic that needs encouragement and support to live an active life, it’s women +25 (count me in!). We’re an easy target for any brand promoting a healthier life through sport, because we know we really need to start moving before it’s too late, and because most of us haven’t done much moving in the previous 10 years and don’t know much about motivation.

Maybe because I’m an easy target, I’m rapidly engaged by campaigns that empower women to do what they can to live a more active life, however they choose to do it. From Nike’s Margot vs Lily to Adidas’ #heretocreate – after all, if I need to start training, I’m going to need training gear!

But if there’s one campaign that’s really moved me this last year, it’s Sport England’s #thisgirlcan.

This Girl Can: a case study

The Dots is sharing the This Girl Can case study by Kate Dale, Strategic Lead Brand and Digital at Sport England. I recommend reading it in full, but here are some highlights that reminded me why I loved this campaign so much, from copywriting to strategy:

Ultimately it all added up to a fear of judgement – by other people and by ourselves. For this group of women, it became easier to not be active then to tackle the emotions getting involved stirred up.


We wanted to find an agency who we could work with strategically and creatively to develop the campaign. They had to clearly understand the difference between what we needed and traditional sports marketing as well as the rigours of a behaviour change campaign.


[The slogan] “This Girl Can” connected with all the groups in our target audience. They said it felt empowering without being intimidating – there’s no expectation that you have to be amazing – if you never get past run to a tree, walk past a tree – that’s fine.

Don’t just use social media to broadcast your message. Use it to listen to what your audience are telling you. Don’t be the cocktail party bore banging on about yourself, you’re seeking to create and curate conversations that charm.