Instagram Stories vs Snapchat in 5 thoughts

  1. The world needs more stories

    “Great stories build relationships and make people care. Those two things are necessary to change anything.” – Shane Snow, Contently

  2. Of course it’s a copy of Snapchat: people love Snapchat!

    “When people first started using a hashtag outside of Twitter, it was a big deal. It’s become universal as a result. I think the story is a fantastic format for sharing in the moment and giving people a picture of your daily life, and I think a lot of apps are going to adopt it.” – Kevin Weil, Head of Product at Instagram

  3. The power of penetration
    Summer 2016: Facebook has 1,6k million active users. Instagram has 500 million. Snapchat, 300 million. Once your penetration is that big, you don’t need to be the first one: you only need to build a good product.chartoftheday_5194_active_users_of_social_networks_and_messaging_services_n
  4. The hassle of joining yet another platform – gone
    It’s not easy, as a brand, to decide to open yet another channel. Looking at figures, endless internal discussions, strategy proposals to refine… With Instagram Stories, brands can join the instant content wagon without the hassle. And if they don’t get it right? Nothing happened: the content was cheap to produce, only lasted for 24h and the usual content plan can be resumed.
  5. What is Snapchat, even?

    How to Snapchat if you’re over 30.


Post image by Max Fleishman as seen on The Dot.