Micro-moments and how they reshape the consumer journey

Micro-moments are moments when consumers act on a need, e.g. to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something or buy something. They are predominately mobile moments and should require only a glance to identify and deliver quick information that consumers want to act on immediately. They are, without a doubt, key opportunities for brands to reach their consumers in new ways in the current mobile-first era of brand strategy.

As AdAge puts it, micro-moments have fractured the traditional customer journey into dozens or hundreds of real-time, intent-driven moments. Consumers have a need, and they want it covered, now. So, for the most part, they are not browsing websites, they aren’t looking to chat with salespeople or experts, and they definitely aren’t willing to drop everything they’re doing to visit a physical location or get in front of a computer. Thus, the formats for our solutions must be inherently mobile, quick to consume and as real-time as possible.

Think with Google created this comprehensive introduction to Micro-Moments. But if you’re having a micro-moment and want to know the basics right now, start here:

  1. Know, Go, Do, Buy
    The are 4 primary types of micro-moments: I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy. All of them offer great opportunities for brands that have something to teach, offer somewhere to go, recommend something to do or, as most brands do, have something to sell.
  2. Mobile first, second and third
    To understand the micro-moments your brand could own, start with mobile-centric searches that lead to your site (or that are made on your site). Those are the moments you should focus on: make sure your solution is as mobile-friendly, effective and visible as possible.
  3. ZMOT is not just one moment
    The ZMOT is no longer a single moment in a single scenario. Today, we have to consider many different, real-time, intent-driven micro-moments related to hundreds of different scenarios, all of which give our brand an opportunity to shape consumer decisions.
  4. Micro-moments are crucial
    Consumers solve problems, make big decisions, pursue big goals in micro-moments – and their preferences and purchases are shaped in them. The brands that do the best job of addressing their needs in each moment will win.

(Thanks Think with Google for the weekly inspiration!)