Should my brand be on Snapchat?

Millennials love it. Brands are starting to consider it relevant in their social media (and media) strategy. Marketers still don’t understand it. And a question starts appearing more often in briefs and decks, not as a rhetorical question anymore but finally as a real question that brands are asking their digital agencies: should my brand be on Snapchat?

Here’s a very simple and straight-forward guide to help you decide if it’s time to start considering joining the platform.

Your brand should be on Snapchat if:

  1. Millennials are a key part of your target: 70% of Snapchat users are under the age of 34.
  2. The users that influence your target have a relevant presence on the platform.
  3. Your competitors are already there and doing good.

Your brand shouldn’t be on Snapchat if:

  1. Your brand’s voice is not supposed to be fun and light-hearted.
  2. You have very strict policies regarding content creation, even if it’s made to be consumed instantly.
  3. You’re not ready, budget wise and structurally wise, to create big amounts of content with the only objective of raising awareness.

Ready to join?

If you have decided to join the platform, here are a couple of useful resources to start getting familiar with Snapchat: Track Maven’s The Snapchat Marketing Guide for Brands and Social Media Today’s 10 Lessons from Brands Who Are Winning on Snapchat. Good luck!