If you want to work for me

These past 6 years at Buzz I’ve interviewed thousands of candidates and hired tens, with different levels of success. One thing I’ve learnt is that first impressions aren’t always right, but my guts never lie.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an account executive, a creative or a technical profile. These are the things you must do if you want to work for me:

  1. Show passion. For the role, for what you know, for what you don’t know and are eager to learn, for the industry, for life.
  2. Be honest. About your experience, your expectations, what you want and what you don’t want to do. Be honest with me, but most importantly – be honest with yourself.
  3. Tell me how you can help. If I’m hiring, I clearly need someone to help me with something. Show me you are the solution to my problem – you’re here to help.
  4. Connect with me. Don’t be nervous: you need the job as much as I need to fill the position in. Try to understand what it is I’m looking for, and let me know you’re it – if you are.
  5. Let me know why you want to work for me. I’m looking for someone who wants this job, not just any job. I don’t care if you didn’t know the agency before reading the job post, if you simply loved our website or if you just realized you want the position while I told you about the role. I want to hire someone who wants to work for me – so show me it’s you.