3 Instagram influencer campaigns that get digital influence

For me, the key to a successful influencer campaign – on Instagram or elsewhere – is to let influencers be who they are, talk like they talk, do what they do. Your brand’s target follows them for a reason: they love their personalities, their content, their actions. If these fit your brand, you’ve found the perfect vehicle for your campaign. If they don’t, you need to keep on searching.

Here are 3 examples of campaigns where brands chose the right Instagram influencers to share a perfectly targeted message through original, personal and, at the same time, on-brand UGC:

  1. Google Translate: #everyonespeaksfood
    Hashtag genius. Google’s Translate app briefed food and photography influencers to promote one of its fuctions (real-time on-screen text translation using your phone’s camera) by doing what every Instagram user does: photograph their gastronomic experiences.

  2. Adidas: #heretocreate
    Much more than just an Instagram influencer campaign: an integrated campaign making the most out of the personalities and creativity of the carefully chosen influencers. From Youtube mastheads to TVCs to a landing page full of product and conversion opportunities, 72andSunny’s usual strategic creativity at work.
  3. Instagram: #myinstagramlogo
    I’ve already said that I love the new Instagram logo, and apparently I’m not the only one. Instagram asked some artists who are big on the platform to play with their new logo, and the results are as inspiring and full of color as the platform.